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Welcome to Bethany

For over a century Bethany has served the local Japanese community. We are now a multicultural and multigenerational fellowship with services in both English and Japanese. We invite you to join us!

To our church community and guests,(日本語は下にあります。)

From June 21st we are planning to have worship services in our sanctuary with the following guidelines.  These are challenging and unprecedented times and we ask that you please cooperate with our new protocols. 

Seating in the sanctuary will be limited to 45 people.  Overflow seating will be available in our Koinonia room with video streaming. 

You will be asked if you have any of the following symptoms including a fever, frequent cough, difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, recent loss of taste or smell or if someone they live with has been diagnosed with Covid-19. If you answer yes to any of these questions we will not be able to allow you to enter the facility.  We may check your temperature upon arrival.

You will be asked to wash your hands and to maintain six foot distancing and to wear a mask while you are inside the church building.  We will have extra masks.  Please sit in the designated areas as directed by the ushers.  If you cough or sneeze please cover your mouth with your arm or shoulder.

We will sanitize the church entry way, bathrooms and sanctuary before the service.  We suggest you use the restroom before leaving home to minimize exposure in the church restrooms. 

We will not have child care available and children aged eight and older should wear masks. Children must sit with parents.  If your small children do not understand or adhere to the six foot distancing then we lovingly ask you to consider viewing the service from your home or in our Koinonia room. 

Elderly and those at high risk of complications from the Covid-19 virus are lovingly encouraged to continue viewing the online services from home however you may come to the worship services at your own risk. 

We really appreciate your cooperation with these guidelines and we look forward to seeing you!







Link to online worship service


4/5/2020 “The True Redeemer King” Pastor Derek

4/12/2020 “Hope in the midst of a pandemic” Pastor Chuck

4/19/2020 “Waiting Patiently for the Lord in Prayer” Pastor Derek

4/26/2020 “When will we see God?” Pastor Chuck

5/3/2020 “Sing Praises to the King” Pastor Derek

5/10/2020 “Grandmothers are blessed and a blessing to others” Pastor Chuck

5/17/2020 “Confessing Our Sins to the Lord” Pastor Derek

5/24/2020 “Why God allows evil?” Pastor Chuck

5/31/2020 “God’s Glory over All the Earth” Pastor Derek

6/7/2020 “God’s call to kings and leaders” Pastor Chuck

6/14/2020 “Come and See What God Has Done!” Pastor Derek

6/21/2020 “My Father, My Rock” Pastor Chuck

6/28/2020 “Man’s Faithlessness, God’s Faithfulness” Pastor Derek